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First 2 Minutes to Crack Interview

Team CoachMeGuru

Dear Friends,

As you all know “First Impression is best Impression”. First two minutes is enough to make or break interview. Even though you are very good in subject and if you happen not to handle first two minutes, the interview would proceed with negative mindset of recruiter.

Here are few things to consider to crack Interviewer in fist two minutes

  1. Dressing

  2. Grooming

  3. Approach

  4. Hand Shake

  5. Smiling

  6. Positioning

  7. Eye Contact

  8. Confidence

By following this you have set right deck for interviewer. It is for sure the interview proceeds with positive mind set. Remaining depends on your technical and other skill.

Next time remember this while going this to interview.

Keep tuned friends we will update and elaborate on above points in coming posts

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madhuprashanthg commented on 06 Jul 2017 - 01:50

True bro, but I think Attitude with which we enter makes difference


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