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Even before I start I would like to tell you that after through research with Business owners/ HRs and Students we are publishing this

Dear friends here are few essential things you should consider while attending interviews

  1. Resume:-  This is first most important thing
    1. Make Sure you take quality printed Resumes
    2. Make Sure your resume looks different than others , it should not be copy paste :P
    3. Carry it in Stick file/Folder, it creates instant impression to recruiter that you are very well organized
    4. Avoid Wrinkled/Folded/ Torn Resume it just reflects careless attitude which no company appreciates
  2. Dressing: This is second most important thing we should never forget
    1. Formal for Men, Chudidars and formals for women are preferred while attending interview, they reflect professionalism and seriousness.
    2. Make sure your dress is properly ironed
    3. Avoid jeans at any cost, unless you are attending auditions for acting don’t wear it
    4. Always remember right dressing sets tone for your interview
  3. Proper Pen:- This is the one which students would overlook
    1. It is fist thing which gets noticed.
    2. Carry one/two pen always it shows your preparedness
    3. Don’t carry cheap plastic pens it reflects you are not so bothered about quality besides there are always chances that it might leak, carry standard pens.
    4. Transparent, Black, Brown, Gold, Silver colors are preferable
  4. Belt:-
    1. Always wear belt, you look smart with it and makes you look full
    2. Make Sure your belt color matches with shoes.
    3. Avoid fancy belts always, get nice quality, wrinkle free belts
    4. Avoid worn-out belts, it’s better to without belt than going with them.
  5. Shoes/Sandals:-
    1. Shoes/Reflect professionalism don’t go to interview without them
    2. Avoid slippers at all cost
    3. Don’t wear fancy shoes/sandals it shows you are not serious
  6. Deodorant:-Everyone has order we are not alliance to not have Oder
    1. Body Oder creates uneasiness and  to interviews
    2. Always carry perfume bottle
    3. Avoid strong perfumes this also creates uneasiness
    4. Put pleasant Deodorant
  7. Watch:- These get noticed instantly so be very careful
    1. This indicates you are timely and punctual
    2. It also reflects you seriousness
    3. Avoid fancy watches
  8. Mobiles:-I need not tell anything about this to you but here are few things you should take care
    1. Always carry mobiles but some companies doesn’t allow mobile please be very sure of this
    2. Don’t keep your mobile in front pocket, it creates unnecessary distraction
    3. Keep mobile in silent mode
    4. If interview goes positive and there is good level of understanding ask for interviewer, It creates positive impact
    5. Avoid using mobiles in interview premises this creates negative impression.

We will try to cover about each in detail in coming articles. Friends thanks for reading



Madhu Prashanth G,



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